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The Art of Jazz Drumming




Master Drumming

Jazz Drumming Technique


This is a fun easy way for drummers to learn and excel at playing.

Keep it fun.


CD 1 - Jazz Combo


1. Basic 12 bar blues

2. So What - Miles Davis (slow swing)

3. All blues - Miles Davis (slow swing 3/4)

4. Footprints - Wayne Shorter (Avangard 3/4)

5. Scrapple from the apple - Charlie Parker (medium swing)

6. Night In Tunisia - Dizzie Gillespie (medium swing)

7. Naima - John Coltrane (ballad)

8. Maiden Voyage - Herbie Hancock (medium rock)

9. Passion Dance - McCoy Turner (medium up swing)

10. Head Start - Bobby Hutcherson (fast swing)

11. Milestones - Miles Davis (very fast swing)


CD 2 - Big Band , Swing , Rock-Funk , Latin


1. Four (trade 4 bar solos with drums)

2. Four (trade 4 bar solos without drums)

3. Shiny Stockings (big band swing) - Buddy Rich

4. Old Time Blues (big band swing) - Steve Houton

5. Jumpin at the woodside (Count Basie Swing)

6. The Chicken - (big band funk) - Jaco Pastorious

7. Canteloupe Island - (Funk) - Herbie Hancock

8. Little Sunflower - (bossa) - Freddie Hubbard

9. Spain - (Samba) - Chick Correa

10. Freddie Freeloader - (Cha Cha) - Miles Davis

11. Solar - (mambo version) - Miles Davis

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Moss Beach, CA

Course Overview
Brush Technique
Sight Reading
Song Form
How to Trade Solos 
Full Range of Tempos
Rhythm Styles
Swing (bebop)
The Art of Jazz Drumming with Barry Hutcherson


This course prepares drummers to play in Jazz Combo, and Big Band situations. Students will learn popular tunes which they would likely have to play at a gig, jam session, or school band.


The course will cover swing  (bebop), Latin , Rock-Funk , all rhythms  predominant in Jazz.


Included with this course is a 2 CD set , and sheet music by various Jazz legends such as:


Charlie Parker , Dizzie Gillespie , Miles Davis , Herbie Hancock , Wayne Shorter , John Coltrane , Freddie Hubbard , Bobby Hutcherson , Chick Corea , Jaco Pastorious


and drummers such as:


Max Roach , Jimmie Cobb , Elvin Jones , Tony Williams , Buddy Rich , Lenny White , Peter Erskine , Ohmar Hakim


Classes will have 2 full drum sets .

We will listen to tunes, and then play along. I will demonstrate ways of playing and many different riffs / fills , then have the student play.



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